Ghosts & Legends

Do you believe in ghosts?

Find out why the Queen Mary is known as "the haunted ship" in this spooky and fun, interactive, special effects adventure.

Watch your step as you are guided through the deepest innards of the Queen Mary because you never know what lurks in the dark shadows of the ship. Explore the old boiler room where sweltering heat and tight quarters were a recipe for disaster.

Relive tales of paranormal incidents, accidents and ghost sightings. There's no doubt the Queen Mary is full of mystery and lore and the Ghosts & Legends Show is sure to leave you asking the question, "If it wasn't a ghost, what was it?" Summoning believers daily.

Ticket Information:

Hours: Regular Hours MON - SUN 1PM - 8PM, (Tours are approximately 30 minutes) 
Pricing: $10 Per Person (ADD-ON) Purchase a Queen Mary Passport to add the Ghost and Legends Tour.
Parking: $18/day, $20/overnight, $22/valet parking (Subject to change based on Special Event schedule here.)
Map: The Queen Mary can get confusing. Download our map and bring it with you!

Groups of 15 or more may call 562-499-1718 for discounted group rates. 9AM-5PM, Mon-Fri.

Please note: Due to the historic nature of the vessel we are unable to guarantee access to any specific room or location on our tours, Also not all areas are easily accessible by guests with mobility issues.

Show times may vary throughout the day. Tickets are required. Passengers who dare to enter Ghosts & Legends of the Queen Mary will find themselves being led through dark, narrow passageways into the deepest areas of the ship. Guests having difficulty with stairs, walking or standing for a length of time; expectant mothers; families with young children; and individuals who experience claustrophobia or fear of heights should use discretion before entering. The show uses strobe lights, loud noises, fog, water and electrical effects.